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The International Professional Platform(IPP) is a European Cooperative Society (SCE) uniting its international cooperative members to facilitate cross-boarder and trans-national economic activities.

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Cooperatives, in general, have many advantages. They are democratic, the promotion of the member is central, they form their own equity and have a limited liability.Thus, cooperatives stand out from traditional corporate forms. In most cases, they can have an astonishingly good economic performance due to the co-operation of the members involved, are extremely resistant to insolvency and usually do not extract the generated profits. All this, partially protect cooperatives from external market mechanisms and makes them a good choice to interact with.
Nevertheless, until 2006, cooperatives which were dealing with international members and customers found themselves confronted with an amount of legal obstacles for their mutual economic activities. With the simplified international directives and the SCE Regulation from 2006, the competitiveness of cooperatives to other types of companies was suddenly enhanced.
By using the legal framework of an SCE, we pass over these advantages to our members to facilitate their international economic activities and finally serve their needs.

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We allows our members to carry out common activities, while preserving their independence

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its principal object is to satisfy its members' needs and not the return of capital investment

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members contributes proportionally to their profit.

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an SCE fills the gap regarding the transnational activities of cooperatives

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